Books on a Budget: Sale Sections

Books on a Budget: Sale Sections

Bargain Books PictureThis may seem super obvious, but most bookstores and websites have a sale section or bargain section. Usually they feature books that are older and maybe not selling well, books that have recently come out in softcover and they are trying to get rid of the hardbacks, excess stock, etc. There are so many reasons that I can’t go into them all here. Here is a picture I took at my local Indigo (Canadian bookstore) of my bargain book young adult section. 

But sale sections are a great resource if you are trying to keep costs down or can’t afford full price books. They are also located online as well as in store so if you can’t make it to a physical store it is fine. Click on the pictures below and they will take you to the sale sections for each site. 

Sale Section Links:

  Chapters Indigo Bargain Books Link Barnes and Noble Bargain Books Link Amazon Bargain Books Link Book Depository Bargain Books LinkBookOutlet Bargain Books Link



Obviously if you want a sale section for your local indie store you are going to have to go into the store. If a sale section isn’t visible then please ask someone who works there. They can most likely direct you to the section if they have one or even specific books that may be on sale. Asking never hurts and can only help in my opinion. 

I have personally found some really good books in the sale sections of stores. I can’t afford to buy all of the new releases that come out each week so sometimes I have to pick and choose. Then when I look in the sale sections later on I find some books that I was like oh! I wanted to grab that a long time ago. And now I can because it is at a discounted price. I always head to the sale section when I browse in store because you never know what gems you may find! 

Do you check out the sale section when you buy books? What have been some of your favourite sale section finds? I would love to hear about them. 

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  1. I buy books that have been pre-read a lot from charity shops, the library or Amazon. They are often still like new.

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