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I don’t know if there is a tag circling around for this but it has been awhile and I have some new followers who may not know too much about me. So I thought I would do a list about 15 readerly things about me, basically about my reading habits. 

1: I can only read one book at a time

I don’t know why but I can only read one book at a time. My brain tends to overload when I try more than one. So I read one book and write my review, and until that review is done I don’t move on to another. So while I can read the book itself quite fast, with my in depth and detailed reviews it can sometimes take me quite awhile to start another. This is why I will probably never be able to read more than 8 books in a month.

2: I don’t read with my glasses on

I have my glasses that I wear on a daily basis but they are for distance. I don’t need them when I read and it can get quite uncomfortable reading with them so I just take them off.

Christine's Bookshelf3: My favourite genre is YA romantic fantasy

I do read other genres of course, but my go to, the one I always tend to lean towards is always YA romantic fantasy. I’ve loved fantasy even since I was a young child, drawn to worlds of magic, dragons, talking animals and wizards. As I are older I loved the thrill of a first kiss, the tension between the two main characters, and watching them fall in love. Most of the books on my shelves are YA romantic fantasy and I will probably continue buying the genre until I am old and grey.

In the Hand of the Goddess Cover4: The book that got me into reading was: In the Hand of the Goddess

It is quite the funny story with this book. My parents never gave us everything we wanted, but there was one thing they never denied us: books (at least not until I got older and they threatened to burn my books because I have too many). So I remember reading the back of this book and thinking it sounded good. I went home and absolutely devoured it within a day or two. I can remember being kind of confused about certain things because after I finished I found out that it was the second book in the series! Every single time we went to the bookstore after that I picked up a new one in the series. If you are curious what the book is about you can find it on Goodreads here.

5: I read laying down in my bed or on the couch

When I read, whether it be an e-book on my iPad or a physical book I tend to lay on my sides on my bed or the couch and flip back and forth when one side goes numb. Which means I toss and turn quite a bit…. I also squeal and fangirl, which who doesn’t?

6: I go into hyper focus when I read and literally cut out the outside world

If you don’t know this about me already, I have and was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when I was 24ish. Part of ADD is hyper focus where you have intense focus on only one thing (pretty self explanatory). I tend to get it when I am reading. It can get so bad that my family is literally yelling at me to get my attention….. multiple times. It does help when I need to get a book done though.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Cover7: When I read the first Harry Potter I was 11 and my mother let me read through dinner because I was so engrossed

One of the cool girls at school when I was 11 did a book report on this book called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I was a wildly unpopular child all the way through elementary school and in my attempt to be cooler when I saw it later that day at the Scholastic book fair they were holding at my school I begged my mother to buy it for me. What happened next was: I got home from school, started to read it and loved it so much I couldn’t stop reading. My mother seeing how engrossed I was let me read right through dinner until I finished somewhere around 7 or 8pm and came out in a daze and looking for food. Thus my love of Harry Potter started.

8: Most of the books I own are written by women

I find most of the YA fantasy genre is written by women, but of the male written books I’ve read I find that I prefer female writers. I just seem to be drawn to their writing style more often than not. If you have any favourite male authored series then leave them down below and I will be happy to check them out!

9: I prefer physical copies over ebooks

There is just something about holding and smelling a book in your hand, getting ink on your fingertips that I just love. I will never give up my physical books and will always take a physical copy over an e-book even though they are so much more expensive. My e-book collection has been growing recently because I am technically on a book buying ban so if I see something really cheap I grab it. But if I end up loving an e-book than I will buy a physical copy too. 

10: I write my reviews as I read the book (in point form) and then consolidate and add to it after I am finished reading

I’m sure lots of people do this but I used to read the entire book and then write up my review and I would always forget something that I wanted to talk about. So within the last month or two I started taking notes on my iPad as I read the books. Then I take all of my basic points after I’ve read the books, mush them all together and form my full review. I find it is easier to keep track of all of my thoughts and form theories that include minor details I may later forget.

11: I do not dog ear, write in or highlight my books

I am too much of a perfectionist and I am one of those people that prefer my books to be in perfection condition at all times. So I cannot even think about dog-earing the pages let alone writing or highlighting in them.

No Dustcovers12: I read with the dustcover off the book

Again, this has to do with keeping the books in perfect condition. You can really tell if a book of mine is worn that I’ve read it a lot. I take the dustcover off when I first start reading the book, set it aside and keep it off the book the entirety of when I am reading it even if I take a break. You can find a naked hardcover around my house quite often and my family knows that it is my book. While this could technically be a whole other point, I memorize the page number I am on because I don’t use bookmarks either.

13: I prefer hardcovers over paperbacks

I love the weighty feeling in my hands, I love the dust jackets and the naked book underneath. I like how they fit on my shelves and just overall the way they look. I used to buy whatever was available or whatever was cheapest but now I make a point of buying hardcover whenever I can. Even if it requires me to go to a second hand store to find a copy. The only area I have trouble with that I find is when I am looking for the cozy mystery books. They tend to be mass produced paperbacks so I do have a bunch of paperbacks in my mystery section. 

Multiple Copies14: I have multiple copies of my favourite books

This primarily is just in my Tamora Pierce collection right now but I would eventually like to get the paperback editions and foreign editions of the Witchlands series, An Ember in the Ashes series and The Queen’s Rising Series. I still regret to this day not buying that Alanna book (I think it was The Woman who Rides like a Man) by Tamora Pierce that was published in the 80s that I found at a second hand store. You can bet that if it happens again I won’t be letting it go a second time!

15: One of my bucket list items is to meet Tamora Pierce and get my books signed (all like 20 of them)

Tamora Pierce always has been (at least since I’ve been a reader) and always will be my all time favourite author. She started me on my path to becoming a reader and I will buy any book that she comes out with. I have all of her YA books and I am hoping that one day she makes her way to Canada so I can finally get her to sign all of them and meet my heroine. I hope to one day be able to write books and inspire some young girl the same way she has inspired me. I will make this happen one day and I’m sure it will be one of the happiest of my life!

You can find out more about me and my website here. If you want to know anything else about me or my reading habits please just ask in the comments below and I will answer you! What are some of your unique readerly habits?

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