Reading Socks | Bookmas Day #6

Welcome to the sixth day of Bookmas! Inspired by the 12 days of Christmas carol I have created a blog series where I am going to give bookish and non-bookish gift ideas for the reader in your life, talk about my favourite part of the holidays, holiday books and so much more.


READING SOCKS! Indigo Reading Socks

The feature of today’s slightly early Sock Sunday would make a great gift to any reader; they are Reading Socks! You can find them in Canada at any Indigo or Chapters. When I first heard that Chapters came out with specific Reading Socks I scoffed at the idea. And the price? I told myself that I would never own a pair. Then when I was wandering around the store one winter day (as one does) and passed by a display of the socks. Saw a pair that I really loved and since they were on sale I grabbed them. Next thing I knew I was in love and the next week I bought my other pair.

The two pairs I own are beautiful knit on the outside and warm fleece on the inside. They are extremely warm and comfortable and great to wear in bed if you don’t want your dirty slippers on the bed or couch or wherever.  I’ve noticed they can be a bit slippery on hardwood and ceramic so a word to the wise for the clumsy folks like me. But otherwise they are a total win!

My red pair featured in the picture remind me of Santa boots which make me feel especially festive. There are sizes for women, men and children so you can get a pair for the whole family! What do you think of them? Are they on your Christmas list? Going to buy a pair for the book lover in your life? Make sure to read the rest of my 12 Days of Bookmas series here. 

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