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4 StarsAbandon hope all ye who enter here. If I had to describe this movie in one sentence, that would be it. I have to say that I didn’t quite enjoy the second as much as the first movie though. But just like I don’t particularly like second books in a series, I have a feeling that this movie series will be much the same. The characters spent most of their time separated from each other and unlike the first movie, not all of them had the same goal. Everyone just ended up on their own storylines which all came to intersect at the end is the most upsetting of ways. 

There were some lighthearted moments with Zouwu, the baby nifflers and the kelpie. I particularly loved the zouwu because it reminded me so much of my cat Tigger. That toy that Newt shakes to attract it is pretty much how Tigger acts with a plastic bag. And who couldn’t laugh at the baby niffler going flying on the cork of a champagne bottle? These lighthearted moments helped to keep the movie from being entirely dark and hopeless. 

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I was happy that we got to go to different places in this movie. While it was interesting to see American magic in the first movie and how it differed from what we saw in Harry Potter. But I am so happy we got to go back to Hogwarts and London again and then spent the bulk of the movie in Paris. I love to travel, see different places throughout the 1920’s and see how magic changes from country to country. I wish we had gotten to see Beauxbatons as well. 

When Newt met up with Dumbledore and was basically coerced and guilted into going on the trip to Paris I got so angry. Especially after we realize that Dumbledore essentially sent him on that trip to New York in the first place as well. It just goes to show that he had been manipulating his students for a long time (I was never a big fan of Dumbledore). I couldn’t 100% see Jude Law as young Dumbledore. He wasn’t bad, but he just wasn’t as good of a fit as the rest of the cast was. I also wasn’t 100% sold on the casting for young McGonagall too. The actions were right (and funny!), but I’m not sure the actress was. 

What was Tina even doing in Paris? The French Ministry of Magic had no record of her being there as seen by Queenie when she visited. Was she there unofficially? Which it is kind of ironic that she would break the rules like that considering she was all about the rules when it came to Queenie and Jacob. Her wonder at seeing Newt working with the Beasts, and then partaking in it herself really just warmed my heart. It shows how far she has come from when she was scared of them and wouldn’t interact in the first movie. - get them all in just one Click!

I also really loved that little moment between Newt and Tina in the hall of Records. I liked how when Newt was describing her eyes she knew exactly what he meant. Who knew being told you have salamander eyes could be so endearing?  

I felt so unbelievably sorry for Jacob at the end of this movie. He always seems to get the short end of the stick in the Fantastic Beasts movies. In the first movie he had all of his memories of magic wiped. In the second movie the love of his life betrayed him for an evil toad. In fact I really couldn’t understand Queenie in this movie at all. She didn’t seem like the type to put any muggle under a spell, but she basically put Jacob under a love version of the Imperious spell. Not only did he not have his faculties about him, he wasn’t really able to make his own decisions. Then for her to not only be tempted, but to leave Jacob for Grindelwald? She asked Jacob to go with her through the flames, shouldn’t she have given it a second thought when he didn’t want to go? Also, when we see they’ve escaped it doesn’t look like Queenie regrets her decision at all. But how can she guarantee that after leaving him like that Jacob will even want to be with her if Grindelwald and his team win? I know Tina is supposed to represent all brain and Queenie all heart but I feel like her heart has led her astray this time. I really hope that Queenie finds her way back to Tina, Jacob and Newt and doesn’t become too corrupted along the way. 

I loved that Nicholas Flamel played a role in this movie and you can just see so many of the little things that later show up in the Harry Potter movies like the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elder Wand, etc. I wanted to know who Flamel was talking to in the photograph. I felt like I know who it is but I can’t place it. 

And what happened to the guy from the British Ministry of Magic that was supposed to kill Creedence? The one who was a double agent for Grindelwald. He kind of disappeared from the story after he faked the attack on Creedence. I’m sure he will pop up again later though, maybe in the next movie.

Does Dumbledore know that Creedence is his brother? I feel like this whole movie could’ve been solved if only Dumbledore had been like hey, we’re family. And Creedence would’ve been happy to have a real family and everything would be fine. Now we have Grindelwald manipulating him and using him to his own ends (destroying Albus since Grindelwald can’t because of the blood pact). Is Dumbledore going to be able to break the blood pact? I believe he will because isn’t that how he gets the Elder Wand? Because he won it off of a battle with Grindelwald? I knew the niffler was going to steal the vial from Grindelwald, but I got so unbelievably upset when I saw he was hurt!

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Crimes of Grindelwald PosterI knew Leta wasn’t going to join Grindelwald and his team. Everyone expected her to be evil because she is a Slytherin, but she felt such guilt over killing her brother that she has always been trying to make herself better. I also don’t believe that Leta is dead. I also want to know who she was talking to when she said I love you. The scene happened so fast that I couldn’t see if she was talking to Newt or Theseus. Plus if she dies and she is the last of the Lestrange family then how is Bellatrix born in the future? It is part of the reason that I don’t fully believe she is dead. That and the fact that Grindelwald seemed too interested in having her as one of his followers. 

I’m looking forward to seeing both of the Scamander brothers working together in the next movie. I love their relationship! He’s a hugger was one of the best lines in the movie for me. I also love how Tina put him in his place and Newt was positively gleeful and just fell in love with her a little bit more for it. It was also especially touching to see Newt who never wants to pick a side, choose his brother in the end. I think he may want revenge for Leta’s death as well, but it was heartwarming all the same.

Overall I think this was a good addition to the franchise but I don’t think it will be my favourite of the five planned movies. I am starting to get a feel for the entire series and I feel like it is a magical retelling of the second World War with Grindelwald being the architect of destroying humans to use as beasts of labour. I have so many questions that I need answered and I don’t know if I am going to be able to wait another year for the next instalment! I also fell in love just a little bit more with Newt’s character throughout this movie. Where can I get my own Newt? I can’t wait until the next movie comes out!

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  1. DJ

    I look forward to a Blu-ray set some future Christmas

  2. Heidi

    Never heard of this one. Looks interesting!

  3. Nicole Pyles

    I had no idea this was connected to the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter-ishness! Hm, I feel like this is definitely for a niche audience for sure.

  4. Creedence might not be his brother. He is a Dumbledore, but might not be that close a relative. I watched it on Friday and can say it was good but I would put it at the bottom of the list of the Harry Potter series. It was quite dark and not as much fun as the first. I also wanted more beasts.

  5. Tasha

    I will come back and give this a more thorough read when I have seen the move. As a huge fan of J.K Rowling’s wizarding world, I avoid knowing much before the next instalments

  6. Kathy

    Never heard of this but it looks interesting.

  7. jennifer gaarder

    I have seen good and bad reviews on this movie. I think I will watch it anyway and make my own judgments.

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